Lesley Ann Price is an artist living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. She has had exhibitions in the United States and in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her preferred mediums are encaustics, photography and print-making. A short timeline of her activities and exhibitions is shown below:

Date Description
Nov 18 2012 - February 10 2013

My Sucker Thumb Story, Emory University Department of Ethics.

May 18 2011 - July 18 2011

Liebe Papa. Atlanta Hartsfield/Jackson International Airport Atrium

October 1 2011 - March 1 2012

Lieba Papa. Puritan Mill. Weaver and Woodberry Real Estate Company

June 26 2009 - July 22 2009

Walk on Water Benjamin Krause Gallery Atlanta GA

April 20 2006 - May 31 2006

Mc Donald’s Tunnels and My Sucker Thumb Story at Lambert Gallery, Atlanta.GA.

June 26 2009 - July 22 2009

Walk on Water Benjamin Krause Gallery Atlanta GA

July 2012 - September 2012

“the other south.” Ross Oscar Knight Studios Auburn Ave. Atlanta GA. (Current)

September 28 2011 - October 31 2011

Woman in Focus. Atlanta Celebrates Photography. Mason Murer Gallery Atlanta GA. Curator, Brett Abbott, Curator of Photography, High Museum, Atlanta GA.

February 3 2010 - February 24 2010

A Question of Presence. Art Space Gallery Johannesburg. South Africa.

September 15 2006 - October 7 2006

2 Visions. Atlanta Celebrates Photography. Mason Murer Gallery, Atlanta GA.

A collaboration with Bill Boley.

September 8 2005 - September 30 2005

My Sucker Thumb Story, Douglasville Cultural Arts Center. GA


Swan Coach House Gallery. Juried by Marianne B. Lambert


Group Show:
Woman in Focus Food 101. Curated by Julian Cox of High Museum, Atlanta.


Group Show:

Woman in Focus. Georgia to Georgia, Tbilisi, Rep of Georgia.

Curated by Robb Helfrick of Brezler Gallery, Tbilisi.


South Eastern Flower Photography Exhibition.
Curated by Julian Cox of High Museum. Hon Mention.


Fay Gold Selects. A.P.G. (Atlanta Photographic Group)
Curated by Fay Gold of Fay Gold Galleries.


Woman in Focus 10th Exhibit.

Curated by Marsha Cavalier. Vision Gallery
Decatur, GA.

October 1 2005-October 31 2005

Slow Exposures Pike County GA.

Curated by John Benette & Celina Lunsford.


Emerging Visions, A.P.G.

Curated by John D. Lawerence.


Emerging Visions, A.P.G.(Atlanta Photographic Group.)

Curated by John D. Lawerence.
Image chosen for the window.


Alternative Photography, A.P.G.(Atlanta Photographic Group)

Curated by Marsha Cavalier of MC Gallery.

Image chosen for invitation


Nothing Say Luvin’ Like Something From the Oven.

Curated by Ben Apfelbaum of Spruill Gallery, Atlanta


Storm in a Tea Cup.
W.I.F. & Sistography. Mason Murer, Atlanta.

Curated by Mark Karlson.


Woman in Focus X1.

Curated by Lucinda Bunnen.

Mason Murer Gallery. Atlanta GA


A Sense of Place in the South.

Temple Gallery Decatur.


Only in 2004.
Curated by Anna Walker Skillman, Jackson Fine Arts.


The Ten Show.

Curated by Felicia Fister of Creative Loafing.


Slow Exposures.

Pike Historic Preservation. Zebulon. Georgia USA


Columbia Theological Seminary. Award for “Charleston Jail”.


Curated by Lucinda Bunnen,

Moving Spirits Gallery.


Summer. W.I.F. Show. Curated by Susan Todd Raque.


Jerry Cullum Juries.

Moving Spirits Gallery. Atlanta.