My Suckerthumb Story

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My Sucker Thumb Story.

Woven into my childhood memories are so many things. The “Struwwelpeter,” a book of German fairy tales. Reading books about Janet and John. Simple patterns of the school uniforms I wore. The beautiful Seshweshwe African designs on the clothing of people around me. Warm, deep hugs. Loving gestures. And a growing sense of difference: White versus Black, affluence versus poverty.

Growing up in Johannesburg, as a young child I only knew what surrounded me. Those whom I loved came to do their work, whether it be gardening, housekeeping, cooking or looking after me. Dorothy, Lizzy, Simon and Samuel had left their families behind to work and live with my family. As I grew older: I became more aware of the apartheid laws that cut my world in two; my world and theirs.

This exhibit is my tribute to Dorothy, Lizzy, Simon and Samuel who are in my daily thoughts. Their love shaped who I am today.