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Introduction to “Lieba Papa” by the Atrium Gallery, Department of Aviation, Hartsfield Jackson International Airport Atlanta GA.

“Lieba Papa” is a project inspired by family postcards and documents, and inhabited by both family members and characters from the stories Price was told as a child. Collected by Lesley Price’s late father from his ancestors in Germany and South Africa, the photographs, records and fictional imagery are used to tell a layered and intuitive but no less true history of Lesley Price’s family. Price’s father Henry Lesser was born in 1919 and grew up in Berlin, immigrating to South Africa at the age of 13, just a few years before Hitler began confiscating businesses and belongings of German Jews. From this time he wrote postcards home many beginning “Lieba Papa.” (Dear Papa)
Two legendary German figures appear amongst the images of Price’s father and family members. As a child Price’s father introduced her to Till Eulenspiegel, and Fictional German trickster figure dating from the middle ages who was known to exposing vices greed, folly and hypocrisy. Illustrated stories about Eulenspiegel significantly reflect a way of life and a kind of humor that Price’s father enjoyed.
Price also introduces impressions of another German storybook character, Struwwelpeter. These gruesome children’s stories demonstrated the “disastrous” consequences of children misbehaving. They are also a frightening reminder of the violence in Germany and of the war in general. These characters surface in Price’s work inserting themselves into her ancestral memories and bringing a dreamlike quality to these luminous collages.