lesley ann price art.


social distancing.

Showing the creativity of so many people around us that has sprung from one of our worst infectious diseases in that has come to the USA in modern times. 

liebe papa.

Lieba Papa is a project inspired by family postcards and documents, inherited by by family and characters from the stories I was told as a child.

the wave.

To an average person, chaos means a state of pandemonium, confusion, anarchy, an absolute lack of control. 

i climbed in.

Crouching my body so as to fit into the brightly colored pipes that surrounded me, I looked around mesmerized. Huge ball’s of red, blue and yellow led off cylinders that spread out like tunnels in a Goldmine…

2 Visions Sea Point

2 visions.

2-Visions is a collaborative photography project between Boley a native born USA citizen who spent three years living in South Africa and Lesley Ann Price a native born South African currently residing in Atlanta.

2 Visions Sea Point

encaustic painting.

2 Visions Sea Point

cone of light.

Detail of Memory Quilt

my sucker thumb story.

Woven into my childhood memories are so many things. The “Struwwelpeter,” a book of German fairy tales. Reading books about Janet and John. Simple patterns of the school uniforms I wore…

Mini The Children

a question of presence.

As an encaustic artist and photographer, I could not have imagined I would have the opportunity to purchase 5 boxes of glass negatives from the turn of the last century.

Mini The Children

“the other south”

Spending time in South Africa renews my soul. I observe a country in flux and rebirth. 

about the artist.


Born in South Africa, I immigrated to America over thirty years ago.
I found a passion for art and photography and pursued this passion at Georgia State University. There I refined and further developed a keen eye for the mystery and beauty of the world around us.

I have had numerous exhibits. For example, a solo exhibit, Lieba Papa, that was held in the Atrium of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Lieba Papa is a project inspired by family postcards and documents. I was facinated by stories I was told as a child. The photographs, records, and fictional imagery are used to tell a layered and intuitive but no less true history of our family.