2 visions.

2-Visions is a collaborative photography project between Boley a native born USA citizen who spent three years living in South Africa and Lesley Ann Price a native born South African currently residing in Atlanta.  Anyone who spends significant time in South Africa soon realizes that South Africans have a fervent almost mystical attachment to the landscape of their county and outsiders are likely to fall under the same spell if they stay too long.  To the uninitiated, given the size, social and economic circumstances of South Africa this seemingly mystical attachment can be an enigma.  Why the fervent attachment?

South Africa is a relatively small country at the tip of Africa about the combined size of Texas and California.  It is surrounded on the three sides by ocean and fertile coastal plains.  These coastal plains quickly rise to a high plains the eastern third of which gets adequate rain to grow wheat, corn, sugar cane, timber, fruits and vegetables and other commodities necessary to maintain a thriving country.  The other two-thirds of this high plains is a semi-arid region called the Karoo.  The Karoo is a vast, sparsely populated region, of sheep and cattle farms where during the hot dry summers the red dust seems to parch ones body and soul.  Socially and culturally South Africa is undergoing a difficulty transition from white minority rule and policies of apartheid to a black majority rule.  High levels of poverty and attendant levels of crime and disease permeate and color the culture of the country. 

In this exhibit we bring our unique visions to explore the enigma and surprisingly our visions tend to coalesce into a commonality.  Our critics will say this is exhibit is a romanticized vision of a struggling African country.  We agree, but love allows one to see beauty in the beloved in spite of shortcomings.

The images below are some of the photographs Lesley Ann Price contributed to the exhibit.